the power of water:

    How it can help you have a better pregnancy.

So if you’ve been following on this site or Instagram, I’ve been focusing on creating space during pregnancy. It is so important that you create space for yourself so that you can facilitate the best nurturing environment for yourself and your baby. Do you know that you need to be nurtured too as a mother? I didn’t realize this until AFTER having my first son. It was when I relied on heavily on my mom to help me bathe, walk up the stairs and even use the washroom after giving birth. I realized that my environment played such a heavy role on my mental wellness. I was surrounded by people I loved who encouraged me through each phase as a new mom and fed me and had meaningful conversations with me. All of this helped nurture that baby-like freshness I experience as I took care of my own child. All of this is necessary even BEFORE birth. 

Creating space helps give you the ability to manage your workload and changing body in a healthy way. It’s about supporting your mental wellness so that you can have a wonderful pregnancy experience. How does water play a part in creating space? Keep on reading to find out!

Experiencing Water in Nature

There is something invigorating about getting out of the house, breathing fresh air and experiencing water in its natural environment. If you find yourself bogged down with problematic thoughts in your head, go out and sit by a river, lake or (better yet) ocean. Take in the beauty of the scenery around you and let go of the fear, anger or anxiety; let all of that run away with the water. Sit in silence or maybe play some soft music and just relax.

Another thing you can do is talk to your baby while you sit by the water. Describe the scene in front of you. Let your baby know that everything is going to be alright. There is no moment wasted as you build your relationship with the child growing inside of you.

The Sound of water

While you are out sitting by a natural body of water, close your eyes. Just listen. Listen to the sound of water. Focusing on the crashing of waves coming in and going out, or the trickling of a stream flowing over rocks is very calming. Slow down your breathing and imagine space being created in your mind. Or try imagining waves or water flowing over your body.

The sound of water can also be soothing for your baby, and can later be used as white noise when they sleep. I know my son loves the sound of waves and enjoys taking long naps on the beach!

Relax in a Bath

There are more stresses than I can name that can be erased with a bath. Or at the very least, a bath can help clear your mind and restore your body to deal with the issue at hand. 

Now, I know you might be reading this and thinking, “Where in the heck will I find time to be able to take a bath?”

What you need to do is intentionally carve out time in your day (or night routine) to have a relaxing bath. This can look like asking your partner for help to get the other children to bed on time so that you can have a bath. Maybe you can ask your partner to set the bath for you ahead of time. It might mean a bath early in the morning, or mid-day when your other children are taking a nap.

Set up your environment to be stress-free. Light candles. Put on soothing music. Bring in some real or fake flowers. Bring in some water for drinking and RELAX.

Please note that you don’t want to make the temperature of your bath too hot as you progress in your pregnancy. The heat can cause fainting, so be sure to keep the water a little cooler than perhaps you usually would.

Don't Forget

Mama, don’t forget to think about YOU.

You are important. Sometimes when we get lost in motherhood we forget that it is a journey of ourselves and our children together. You are valuable and worthwhile and deserving of time set aside regularly where you get to relax and take account of your wellbeing.

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