HOW to have a stress-free home environment during first trimester pregnancy

First trimester comes with so many different emotions and physical changes that meet women in a variety of ways. Sometimes the sudden changes can trigger stress that easily seep into every area of a mom’s life. I’ve written this post to teach you how to be proactive by using these simple steps you can take to keep your home as stress-free as possible during this amazing (and sometimes unpredictable) season.

Talk With Your Spouse

I stressed out the most during first trimester because I was worrying about what life would be like. Would my husband be a good father? Would he be there with me during birth? Would I be a good mother? Should I homeschool? When would we move to a bigger space? (You can read about that dramatic episode here). How much time would I take for maternity leave? The list went on forever and tired me out. When hubby would see me upset he would ask what was wrong and would not be satisfied until I shared. And we would talk it out. Talk and talk until we both felt at peace with what we had agreed on.

Want to get rid of stress in the home? Number one, chat with your husband on a daily basis. Fill him in on how you are feeling, even if it sounds weird or overwhelming. He needs to know because men don’t actually know what women are thinking. He is experiencing the pregnancy from the outside, but you need to help him connect with what is going on inside of you.

By having open and honest conversations with each other my husband and I became clear about what was needed through each trimester. That first trimester was the one we cut our teeth on. He had to learn my hungry signs, my nauseous signs, what smells were bothering me, when I needed extra rest. More than anything, I needed to know that he loved me and that he was supporting me. Well, he proved it and said it which helped me find a firm footing as we walked a path that was new to us both.

If you aren’t married, have an open conversation with whoever you are living with; basically give them a heads up that you are pregnant and are experiencing certain symptoms and you might need help from time to time. Getting your roomie, family member, or friend on the same page as you will really help with keeping the home environment stress-free.


Use Aromatherapy

So I love candles. When you catch me at Winners, HomeSense, Marshalls, IndigoBed Bath and Beyond, I will always peruse the candle aisle… because I just love them. Sand and Fog scented candles are currently my favourite which you can find at the website or in stores like Winners.

Talking about loving scents, if you are having scent sensitivities through your first trimester, a candle might help. A diffuser can also do the trick with a nice, light, clean fragrance. Experiencing nauseating odours at home is no fun and can cause stress because it takes away a space that is suppose to be a comfort to you. Try picking out a candle (or two or three) that you like and lighting them all over your home for a more enjoyable and relaxing environment.

Just a note, your scent preferences/aversions may change throughout your pregnancy, so don’t stockpile on one scent just in case you end up avoiding it in a month or two.

Make plans

“Make plans?! Don’t you know I’m tired?”

Hold up! I know. Let me explain…

Even though first trimester can set you off for a little while, it is important to make sure you are being productive (other than making a baby which is EXTREME productivity) during the hours when you have that precious energy. It’s important to schedule your time wisely because you don’t want to waste your most lively hours by doing tasks that can wait until later, or don’t require as much stamina.

Another reason to make plans is so that you will have a check-in conversation with your man when it comes to weekend events. Don’t forget, sometimes you will have to remind him of what you can and can’t do. Give yourself grace. Give him grace. Don’t over-exert yourself by trying to please everyone else’s schedules. Remind your hubby that you need your rest. If its between the barbecue at your friend’s place and doing the laundry, one will have to win over the other and one will have to be moved to the following day’s to-do list. (If I were you, I’d go with the BBQ. There will always be laundry.)

This creates a stress-free home environment for you both because everybody is clear about what the game plan is for the week/weekend ahead of time. 

Speak with Good Intention

Your words form your world (as I mentioned in this YouTube video on calming affirmations). You want your world – more specifically your home – to be a stress-free zone. What you say affects the temperature in your home (as mentioned by my friend, here), and you want your home to be as conducive to you and your family as possible.

Prayer helps set your attitude for the day. I find that when I turn to God, he gives me the wisdom I need to deal with any situation that may come my way. After praying, I notice that I have more patience and I enter conversations with a willingness to understand instead of an eager need to be heard. I have several Scriptures for pregnancy prayers which you can find here and here.

I am a firm believer in affirmations because they work! You will actually feel your body responding to this positive speaking, and if you stay consistent you will notice the change in your everyday life. I have pregnancy affirmations for fear, for a sense of calm, and will be posting more in the near future!

Positive speaking goes beyond just speaking to yourself. It is also should be how you speak to your child and your spouse. Trust me, saying plenty of I-love-you’s creates a far more stress-free environment than verbally hating your pregnancy and hating your husband, or family members, or whoever shares your home with you.

Set Up Your Food Choices Wisely

No, I’m not ignoring the fact that you may be having food cravings, but I am challenging you to be smart with the food choices you make available for yourself at home. Eating healthy will help you have a stress-free home environment because consuming live foods (raw fruits and veggies) gives you more energy, which means you will have more clarity in your conversations, in your actions and reactions and in your overall communication, which sets the tone for your home.

Its easier to choose the healthy way if you have food nearby that falls in line with that initiative. This may mean that you need hubby, or your mom or a friend to prepare meals for you (if those food odours are an aversion). This may mean that you need hubby, or your mom, or a friend to do the grocery shopping for you (like I did). But you want to ensure that you have wholesome choices at your fingertips which will provide nutritional sustenance for you and your baby.

You want to keep carbs close at hand as well as protein which can help in keeping away nausea. Peel, cut up and freeze a bulk load of bananas for easy smoothie recipes. Keep avocados on hand for both drinks and additions to toast or salad. Make snack containers of nuts and cheese, raw fruit or veggies and dip for munching and to keep you energized. And drink LOTS of water for hydration as your body is doing twice the work. 

How about a delicious upgrade? Coconut water is great because it is filled with electrolytes which include magnesium, potassium and calcium. It has a delicious sweet taste with no added sugar. It’s pretty much perfection from paradise (can you tell I am an island girl?).

Need some first trimester healthy eating habits inspo? Check out Ellen Fisher here. I love this lady (even though she’s vegan and I’m not). You’ll fall in love with the food if the Hawaiian scenery doesn’t get you first!

And Finally

You can do it, girlie! First trimester pregnancy does not have to roll over you like a train wreck. By using the above pieces of advice, you can ensure that your most private environment remains stress-free through this first trimester of mamahood.

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