The Power of Sunshine:
how it can help you enjoy your pregnancy

Lately I’ve been writing about creating space during pregnancy. Self-care is crucial during your entire pregnancy and that practice begins in the first trimester. You want to make sure that you are doing all you can to consider your baby and your body as you take fresh steps on this journey of motherhood.

The Power of the Sun

Sunshine is a natural mood booster. Don’t believe me? Check out how much easier it is to feel happy in sunny Summer days instead of gloomy Winter ones. Now that (my favourite season) is here, enjoy it! If you are living in a spot that is sunny all year round, take advantage of it. Creating space can mean stepping outside of the normal home environment and soaking up some sun.

Often times we can get caught up in our mind if we stay inside and go on with our day-to-day chores. Step outside and do some sun-bathing. Sit outside and read a good book. Bring your other children out on a sunny day for a picnic. Take time to enjoy the brightness and the warmth. Create that needed space from the inside of your home and enjoy the day outside! Just make sure that you bring lots of water to stay hydrated and be conscious of any heat warnings. 

Let the Sunshine In!

One of the first things I do to get my day going is open the blinds. It’s a signal to my family that Mama’s up and ready to get stuff done. That bright sunshine flooding my home is also a signal to my body that it is daytime; we’ve got things to do. Open up the blinds and make a cozy spot by the window with the best view. Smile when you open up the window and tell yourself (and your baby) that it is going to be a great day.

When you open up your blinds pick out small things to help you enjoy the view. For example, when I was a kid I lived in an apartment complex. So opening up my bedroom blinds basically meant looking out onto concrete and cars. But I taught myself to find joy in the small things. There was a condominium building within my sights that was a sad gray colour, but in the morning light the sun washed it gold. I used to pretend that the condominium was El Dorado; that it truly was gold but only for those moments in the morning sun. That made me feel happy and pretty rich! Sometimes its the little things. And using your imagination to help build up on joy is not a bad thing!

Say Yes to Vitamin D

Spending time in the sun helps your body make vitamin D, which is important for pregnant women. I was told by my midwife to take additional doses of vitamin D above what was in my prenatal vitamins – its that important! And you need more of it to help your growing baby. 

Don’t be afraid to utilize the benefits of the sunshine to help you physically and mentally create space for a healthy pregnancy!

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