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Brave Mama

I don’t know how your pregnancy experience is going. I don’t know what the environment is like around you. But whether your environment is peaceful, hectic, scheduled, busy or a crazy mix of it all – I want to remind you that you are brave. You are a brave girl; you are a brave mama.

 The process of pregnancy is such a daring adventure, where you allow your body to change in a way that is unique to motherhood, where your own body harbours and protects the body of another. And the changes are not only physical, but emotional and physiologically as well as that mother-child connect is innately made. It is nine months of praying, waiting, watching, believing, loving and then your baby is right there, in your arms; a miracle you can literally touch.

You are brave girl to walk this path. No matter how you got here, you are to be congratulated for taking your pregnancy seriously and trying to give your child the best start in life right from the womb. I’d encourage you to welcome the changes that come along with this experience. Help your body along as it stretches and makes room for your growing baby. You can do this by taking regular walks, practicing yoga (that is safe for your trimester), stretching in the morning and before bed and getting extra rest. 

It is such a secret, in the first trimester when the only people who know you are pregnant are the ones you’ve shared the great news with. You are brave to continue working, continue moving, continue doing while your body is doing so much internally. If you find that your emotions are feeling like somewhat of a whirlwind, give yourself grace. Take more time out to relax which will help stabilize and strengthen your mental capacity. Speak those affirmations, read encouraging Scriptures, listen to music that helps you chill out, take a warm bath (not too hot), read a good book, journal. Carve out an hour or so in your day for down time to help your body have the energy it needs to face all the business and challenges that come with life and pregnancy. Also, don’t be afraid to turn off your phone. Don’t feel bad when you find yourself needing to tell people (even your significant other) to give you a break. Take that time off when needed and try to stay in tune with your body. Trust me, your body will thank you.

You are a brave mama. I know for myself pregnancy brought along questions about the life my child was going to have. I found myself worrying about the state of the world (especially during COVID) and about the future my son was going to have. I had to eventually come to a point where I gave everything up to God. My brain can’t handle all the what-ifs, there are too much! God can handle it all and he has the perfect plan for my son and for all my children. He has the perfect plan for you and for your children. Leave it all to him and focus on being the best mama you can be. Don’t be afraid to raise your children right. Do the research, do the reading, talk to your spouse, talk to parents you admire and find out what they do for positive parenting. But above all, the way to parent your child properly is to parent them with love. Every child can understand the language of love.

If you are doing this as single mother, you are brave, You can do this and girl, you will be great! Take it each day at a time and realize that you have the capacity to love your child as only a mother can. Plan and pray to have positive male role models in your child’s life that they can look to as an example. Find supportive resources such as this website where you can feel encouraged and joyful about your pregnancy. Join support groups on Facebook or within your area. Take the time to build a strong community around your family so that you will have shoulders to lean on during the rough days.

Can I tell you that I’m cheering you on? Because I am. I remember crying and feeling so lost during the first trimester one miserable night, and I had my husband with me and my parents and his parents and family supporting me. And I thought about women who were doing this alone. And I was amazed at their strength. Girl, you can do this! You need more encouragement? Shoot me an email, I’d love to chat! Check out my YouTube channel for weekly support. DM me on Instagram for more tips and advice.

You’ve got this, you brave mama, you!

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