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Stress is a feeling of pressure that likes to take up residence in your head. I have written a lot on this topic here and here because it can be such a big issue, especially during pregnancy. Sometimes it finds a way in because you are under a lot of demands. Sometimes you unintentionally fuel its existence by worrying about situations that are unrealistic or haven’t even happened yet. Its easy to get so caught up in your own world of what-ifs and maybes that your thought life can weigh you down and cause physical problems in your body.

So, above is the obvious problem, below is the solution that might not be so obvious. Read it through and try it out. Oh, and enjoy living in the real world, outside of your head.


Lean On Your Support Team

Your support team is your tribe. Your hubby, your girlfriends, your mom, your cousin, your bestie, God. They are the ones who will answer the phone at midnight and talk you through your tears until 2AM. They are the people who truly care for you, who party hard with you when you succeed and show up with chocolate and a tear-jerker movie when you fail miserably. These are the strong shoulders that you can lean on; your people who you can trust.

Lean on them and lean into the wisdom that they have for you. If your relationship with your tribe is real, they will be able to tell you the truth about what’s going on, even if its not pretty. When you are feeling stressed out, go to your support team for a reality check. They will give it to you in love and help you out of a slump, usually by injecting truth into your day and lighting a fire under your butt. They will help you get up and keep going because they believe in you and will remind you that this season of pregnancy that you are in is well worth it.


Prayer does so many things. For one, it helps set your mind on the truth of God’s word. And I can guarantee you that when you read it, you will find encouragement for the journey. Not sure where to start? How about here with my ultimate Scripture verse for first trimester pregnancy.

Secondly, prayer helps you get your worries and fears off your chest and hand them over to Someone who can handle them. God isn’t afraid of your cares. He would rather you just give it to him because he can deal with the stuff that is too big for you. All you’ve got to do is trust him. Trust his love for you.

Thirdly, prayer gives you freedom because you can let go of the stress, give it to God and leave it with him. You don’t have to pick up that stress again after you’ve prayed (unless you want to).

Fourthly, God answers prayer. Which leads me to my next point…


Listening is truly an art; most people go into a conversation just to hear themselves speak. I dare you to actually listen. When you are talking to your girlfriends, or maybe your one friend who is sharing truth with you that may be hard to swallow but necessary for growth – listen. Don’t fill up your mind with reasons why you deserve to be stressed, or why you have the right to be stressed, or why this pregnancy is stressing you out. Just listen.

When your partner is trying to cheer you up or is lovingly saying the good things he has observed about you, listen to him. When God is talking to your heart and is giving you direction on what to do with the challenges you’re facing, instead of giving him excuses, just listen. Its a wonder what listening will do. Usually it makes you smarter, more knowledgeable and  wiser because you learn to change your perspective and widen your scope of understanding.

Anyways, talking about art forms… continue reading.

Go To Your Creative Outlet

If you are an artist like me, starving yourself creatively through a time where there is a lot of pressure is a recipe for disaster. If you are getting too caught up in your head, GO TO YOUR ART. And let it all out girl, let it all out. That means do your photography thing, or your painting thing, or your designing thing, or your dancing thing, or your drumming thing. Write, tape and edit a vlog. Do that creative side of you.

And I kinda believe everyone is creative in one way or another. So do that creative thing that comes like second nature to you. For me, its writing, hence this blog site. Writing is breathing to me. Words are my air.

Need some creative inspo? Check out this gorgeous website that I’ve just recently fallen in love with, and subscribe to the magazine for more colourful content! Belong is founded by a mompreneur who has curated a magazine for female entrepreneurs. 

Watch a Good Film

Note, I said a GOOD film, because there’s a lot of nonsense out there and if you’re going to give away 2 hours of your life that you’ll never get back, it might as well be on something worthwhile.

That good film can be a comedy, one that really makes you laugh hard and get out of your head. Father of the Bride 2 is definitely a classic comedy about pregnancy, and Moms’ Night Out hilariously explains motherhood. Or maybe a movie that’s a thinker is better for you because it will help you get your mind in a good place. Bella is a beautiful movie about relationships and love. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty is one of the movies that will challenge you to live your dreams for real, not only in your head.

Go For it

Try out the above suggestions and see how they work for you. Instead of putting effort into stressing out, put effort into clearing your headspace. Take a breath and set your mind on the good. Find the beauty in the ordinary, find laughter in the mistakes and find grace in your journey. 

You’re doing a great job, Mama. Just take it one step at a time.

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