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In short, you are my why.

In long, keep reading and watching below…

You may be wondering about the idea behind this blog and where I got it from. Really, you want to know the Why.

When I found out I was pregnant I went to researching right away, trying to discover and learn anything and everything I could about being a healthy, responsible parent right from the beginning. I was excited, counting down the weeks and very expectant of good things to come.

Then came the nausea, fatigue, sensitivity to smell and the mental challenge of getting out of bed and going to work even though I felt like a shipwreck. Through the joys and difficulties of the first trimester I sorely needed encouragement. Thank God for my family, especially my sister-in-law Hannah, who taught me the ropes as a mother of four (and being pregnant herself)! I found in her what I did not find on the internet at that time, as a lot of blogs and sites focused on motherhood after the birth of the baby or when the mother starts showing.

I texted and called Hannah regularly with questions and concerns. She was a calm soundboard for me and constantly reminded me that I could do this; that I was capable and could be confident in the decisions I made to keep my baby and myself healthy.

I want this website to be your Hannah, your safe space, your go-to for joy and faith-filled encouragement. Every time you visit this site you will be reminded that the God who loves you has given you the child you are carrying and he has made you capable of being a good mama to your baby. Challenges will come yes, but they are nothing to be afraid of. They are a part of life. The miracle growing inside of you is a masterpiece and there are so many lessons to be learned in each experience.

Motherhood has taught me and continues to teach me so much more than what I thought I knew. And I love sharing these lessons with you.

I want you to know

You are NOT alone