Let It Go

There are so many reasons to be afraid and to stress out. These reasons reaffirm themselves to you constantly everyday as you are being bombarded with information from the news, your phone, your workplace, your laptops, your radio stations, your friends, your enemies. The list goes on and on. There has to be a way to refuse the fear and refuse the stress. This will help you have an enjoyable (yes, I said enjoyable) pregnancy where you get to be in tune with your body and your baby and experience the miracle in all of its wonder.

Why do we let fear in? Think about that for a minute and then answer it out loud, or maybe write it down, Fear only gets in when we open up the door for it. Remember, we have the power to hold on to fear, so logically, we also have the power to let it go. I have posted on this before, and I’m continuing to write about it because this is such a hot topic for first trimester pregnancy, as there are so many questions and unknowns about what is happening inside of you. ESPECIALLY if you are a firsttime mama.

Fear and stress are buddies. One normally comes with the other. They are almost inseparable. You can cause a breakup when you ask yourself the why. Why are you afraid? What do you realistically think is going to happen?

When I was in the second month of my pregnancy I started stressing over the living space that my husband and I were in. While realistically, it was a smaller space, it would still be perfectly fine for a newborn. (A newborn doesn’t actually need their own room. They need their mama.) My thoughts tumbled over each other running a mile-a-minute. And what started out as a simple question as to the size of our home turned into resentment against my husband because he didn’t seem to understand my panic.

We had several conversations (my husband is great at this) and I had to think smart. What did thinking smart look like? Simple. We had a debt to pay off and living in a smaller space would enable us to put more money towards kicking debt once and for all. Our space could actually work if I just used some minimalistic – magic. It would make more financial sense to stay where we were especially while I was on mat leave. Also, the bassinet and/or play pen fit just fine in our bedroom.

We agreed and advocated for each other because the topic came up more than once with well-meaning family members. By having trustworthy conversations I was able to let go of that fear off and realize that my husband was just as invested in our baby as I was.


Here is something God told me when I was lying down on my bed crying about our living situation. He said, “You are worrying about the mist that passes with the wind.” And how true he was (of course)! Everything worked out just fine. Could you imagine if I had spent all 9+ months worrying about my living space only to find that our baby fit in the bassinet in our room perfectly? I would’ve been miffed!

Hey, the best way to kick fear and stress is to place your trust in God. He’s got this. He loves you and he will take care of you. Just in case those great words sound too cliché, check out these Scriptures for fighting fear. Then stand on the Word and don’t back down.

You have a choice. You might scoff at that statement, but it’s true. If you exercise your right of refusal, you will save yourself a lot of headaches, sleepless nights, cold sweats and high blood pressure. Simply refuse to stress. Make up your mind that nothing will be able to break through your stress-free barrier, NOTHING. 

I was in my second trimester, working as a building administrator when one of the residents stormed into my office. She didn’t care that I was pregnant or that I was working overtime, or that I was tired as heck. She demanded that I explain her bill for work that had been done in her suite. Before anything, before I even answered her, I told myself that I was not going to stress. I could already feel my heartbeat begin to speed up and my underarms get sweaty. But I told myself again, “no, I am not going to stress”. I was so determined to provide a calm environment for my baby, and that determination was more important than anyone’s complaints, rude remarks or threats.

Needless to say, she left my office very unhappy (I think because her attitude was not able to get me riled up) and I left the office still very tired but feeling very confident on the inside.

You can be confident on the inside (and outside) too, mama. Let go of that fear and stress and don’t try to pick them up again. You can very much have a stress-free pregnancy if you decide that it will be so.

Love ya, girl! So proud of you, mama!

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