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Ever feel like everything you have to do and all the expectations you are trying to live up to are closing in on you? Does it seem like everyone needs you at the same time? Are there are a thousand situations demanding your attention all at once? All of this tends to be part of life and part of pregnancy, but you do NOT need to be overwhelmed (check out my Simple 4-Step Guide to Avoid Feeling Overwhelmed). Follow the basic steps I’ve outlined below to help create space for yourself, especially during the first trimester of pregnancy.

Stop the Clock

If you don’t schedule a break for yourself or an end to your day you will be tempted to go on and on forever. You need to take a break! Don’t just nod your head and silently agree to this – DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. Pick up your phone and set an alarm. Even if it’s fifteen minutes, stick to it and take those fifteen minutes all to yourself. And yes, schedule a time to wrap up your day. This one is hard for me. I’m a night-owl and a wannabe early riser (so I burn the candle on both ends). But I can honestly tell you that when I stick to my bed time and call it a night at a reasonable hour, I feel way more refreshed and ready to go the next day.

When you stop the clock, you take back control of your time. You reinforce the fact that the clock is not your master. Instead, you are the one assigning tasks to time. When you live with this ideal in mind, you will not feel like you are being dragged round and round by those two hands in the middle of that circle. Stopping the clock enables you to intentionally create space for yourself and time to do what you want to do. 


Take a breath. A deep breath. Let go of all the stress when you exhale. Also, don’t only save breathing for when you stop the clock. If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed at any point of the day take a breath.

Inhaling oxygen slowly helps your body calm down while giving it the vital air that it needs. Engaging in steady breathing also helps steady your heart rate if you find yourself in a nerve-wracking situation. Steady breathing helps you think better and make smarter decisions. So girl, breathe. Just breathe. Whatever it is you are facing, you can make it through. Take a deep breath, say a prayer and move in the right direction.

Breathing also helps you create space for yourself. your thoughts, your goals, your plans. Take a second to breathe and focus on what you are planning to achieve today.

Set Your Thoughts On The Good

Intentionally think about good things. I’m not telling you to be airy or unrealistic. Instead of imagining how terrible everything can be or turn out, think about how great things can be. Set your thoughts on the positive outcomes and believe that good is coming to you. You actually have the power to shape your world with what you say and the expectations you set. 

Once again, I’m not saying to be unrealistic. However, if you set an expectation that (for example) you are going to have a medication-free birth, you are going to have to put some action to that. Action means doing your research, taking care of your health and nutrition, and doing pregnancy-friendly exercises. By adding action you make your expectation a reality.  

By setting your thoughts on the good, you create space in your mind. Negative thinking tends to clog up all rational thoughts and leads you to act in fear and anger. Choose to have space. Focus on the good.

Keep It Simple

Don’t overcomplicate things. When you find that you are staring down a complex problem, break it down into small parts. It’s easier to find a solution when you handle one item of the problem at the time. You are also able to get to the root of the issue better when you spend time effectively thinking about each part.

Keeping it simple works when you have multiple tasks to complete. Don’t add more than what is necessary and remember to appreciate yourself for the work you get done. 

If you have an event coming up, stay simple in your preparation (of yourself, your family, your transportation etc.). Keeping it simple will give you that much needed head space to stay in good mental health.

Comment below and let me know what you think! Creating space is favourite of mine; I’m excited to post content about this topic.


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