It took me three weeks after my child was born

to share a post on Facebook. Yes, it was because I don’t trust Facebook. And I think that social media can be invasive on privacy. And I’m generally a person who likes to protect her own information. But also because I was afraid of who would be able to view my post. I had to come to a point of honest reflection about my fear. With some help with my husband and my bestie, I found out that my fear was not realistic.

I was afraid that someone who had abused me in the past would see the post and somehow gain the upper hand on me and know the information to contact my child. Yes, it was a ridiculous thought full of worry from a new Mama, but it was very real to me. This is when I had to face my fear, stare it in the eye and overcome it. I had to trust the strength of God and really believe that he is greater than any enemy I will ever face. Besides that, there were a lot of wonderful people who would be celebrating the joyous news with me – how could I not share it?

I know that the popular rule of thumb in the first trimester is that the mother should not say anything “just in case”. My advice? Don’t let fear of what might happen stop you from sharing with someone the blessing that God has already given you. Even if it is just one trusted friend. Share it with him or her and then speak positively into your baby’s life. Ask your friend or family to speak good things with you over your child. Pray for health and strength and expect to see a healthy baby born. And do not be afraid.

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