pregnancy affirmations for a
stress-free first trimester

I LOVE affirmations! (Don’t believe me? Check here and here. Speaking these affirmations not only puts your body in a peaceful state, it also helps your mind to focus on positivity. Setting your focus on pregnancy being a blessing instead of a curse will truly help your overall well-being. Read on, girl! Say it and mean it. A stress-free pregnancy can very well be your first trimester experience.

My Partner Will Make Mistakes, and that's okay

It is? Yes, partners make mistakes. My husband messes up sometimes, but you know what? I’m not so perfect either. This ties into one of my favourite pieces of advice given to me by my sister-in-law. Hannah said, “Give each other grace.” when she was talking about my husband and I. It’s so important to not expect your man to be perfect, especially during first trimester pregnancy. Whether this is your first baby or your fifth go-round, there is still something new to learn. He is trying to figure it out from the outside. So if you start off with a realistic expectation that your partner is going to be human, you won’t waste energy stressing over the small stuff that he did or didn’t do.

I let go of the stress cause by ______

By what? You tell me (you don’t really have to). This is something that only you know. What is causing you stress? Is it something you are worried about, afraid of, concerned for? Whatever it is girl, give it up. I know it’s easier said than done, but it is very much possible and the first step is by speaking that release. Let it go. By the way, I have a post all about letting go of fear and stress. Need a good read? Check it out here.

All of my children are precious gifts from god

This statement sets your mind to focus on the miracle that each child is. Even on the days that don’t feel so miraculous, bring your mind to stay on this thought, that each of your children including your unborn one, is a gift.

I refuse to let stress creep in, in the form of fear and anxiety during this pregnancy

This affirmation is great to pair with Scriptures to fight fear which you can find here. Being on guard and alert as to what is causing fear and anxiety and where it comes from (i.e. toxic environments, relationships or conversations) is important for you to be able to deal with these issues and enjoy a stress-free pregnancy experience.

Today I find beauty in the ordinary

If you find yourself rushing throughout your days try to reach an imaginary destination of perfection, the above statement is for you. Take time out. Pause and find beauty in the ordinary. As a mom I find so much beauty in just getting to spend time playing with my son. I love to watch his growth and make mental notes of how he is developing so quickly. That time where I just get to be with him is precious to me. Its an ordinary occurrence in my schedule, but I view it as moments to make lifelong memories.

Finding beauty in my day-to-day makes me that much more grateful for the gifts I have been given. It also reminds me that I am living the life that I was once praying for. And it helps me let go of any stressors that I may face throughout the day.

Today I will not allow my heart to Be heavy with stress

A heavy heart affects your physical body and your environment. Do the dirt work of dealing with the source of that stress and then experience the healing of letting go. Need a list of some totally off-the-wall things to do to relieve stress? You’ve come to the right place! Look here.

Today I refuse to let my thoughts weigh me down

Them be fighting words. This affirmation and the one above require a certain level of determination for you to guard your heart and mind against stress, I have a set of affirmations here for you to focus on calming thoughts, and a bunch of Scriptures to go with it as well!  


I decide to settle in peace

Speak this out and take a breath. Deciding to settle on peace means focusing your mind on thoughts that are peaceful. Worry and anxiety are a tempting escape, but stick with peace, Mama, it will do you better and keep you healthier.

I allow peace to rule my mind, not stress

God gives us text in Scripture to let us know that he wants us to live in peace. Human beings were not created to handle the adverse affects that come with caring all the worry, fear and anxiety that can so easily overwhelm us. If you want peace to truly rule in your mind, then you have to allow yourself to give the stress over to God and focus your mind on his goodness. You can rest in him,

I do not need to worry

Stress and worry are best buds and they both grow from the amount of time we give them and energy we spend on them in our thoughts. This is a true statement and when you speak it you are reminding yourself that you have a choice. You do not have to choose worry.

I hope you’ve read through this list of stress-free affirmations and that you come back whenever you need to remind yourself not to stress.

You can do it, Mama!

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