Just Found Out You are pregnant? do these 3 things.

OMGeesh congratulations! I am so excited for you! And I’m not just saying that, even though you might think that I am because that is what this site is about. But really and truly, I am REALLY excited for you. Why? Because you’re a mom and that is a special honour and lifelong journey.

I’m a mom too. I used to be soaked up in my 9-5 job and that was how I defined myself. Then I became a mom and absolutely fell in love with the gig! There is something so amazing about the feeling I get when I look into my son’s eyes and we connect and he smiles and gurgles back at me; I can hardly put it into words. But its joy. It’s the warmth of the summer sun. That feeling is the cool of a blue lake on a blazing hot day. It’s the taste of my favourite coconut ice cream while I visit the Caribbean. It’s that settled confidence in knowing I chose well to spend time with my son and  I get to be rewarded with his contagious smile and baby gurgle.

I can go on and on… but anyway, while I am here oozing joy and excitement for you, you may not be as jolly about the whole ordeal. If you aren’t and need some encouragement, you’ve come to the right place, sister. Can I say something before we go on? Email me! When I say I’m here to support you, I’m not just throwing words. I’d love to send you a congratulatory email just so you know that someone is rooting for you.

If you are over-the-moon about this… GREAT! Then you’ve come to the right place because I’m just going to keep that joy rolling. It’s so key to be conscious and careful of what you receive or listen to from other people, especially in the first and third trimester and ESPECIALLY if you are a first-time mom. Why? Because for some reason scary pregnancy stories and horror birth stories seem to be trending when women talk to other women about their motherhood experiences.


Basically what I’m saying is that you don’t have to sit around and listen to every mother’s tale of dread. You don’t have to accept their fear and hold on to it like it’s your own.

Okay. Enough said there (because I have lots to say about it).

Keep reading for 3 things to do when you find out you are pregnant. Let’s jump right into it.

1. Reverence

Show a deep respect for your body and the miracle happening inside of you. You can respect your body by speaking positively about yourself, no matter how you feel. Look in the mirror and say, “Girl, you look good today!” 

Take time out when you need to. First trimester often requires lots of rest, so don’t feel bad if you have to leave a party early or skip out on a movie night or take an extra nap in the day. Your body is housing a whole other human now, you have a right to rest. And you don’t need to explain the reason why you are resting to anyone if you don’t want to.

Respect your body and your baby by trying to eat healthy. Now, I know it can be hard if you are having cravings or negative reactions to certain foods, so work within those lines. And snack often. And drink LOTS of water. Staying hydrated is really important for your body to do what it is supposed to do.

And pray. Meditate on the miracle. This is a miracle. This is a new life and you have the unique responsibility of influencing another person right from the beginning. Ask God for wisdom and he will give it to you.

2. Reflect

Reflection gives us insight on what is really going on and why we are feeling what we are feeling. I am a wordie; I love to write and I enjoy reflecting because I can see the change in my thinking process as I live through different experiences and mature. I made journaling a consistent habit especially through my pregnancy so I could look back and see and remember, and thank God for what I faced and the blessings that he gave me.

If you are afraid, worried or anxious, reflection is important because you can get to the root cause of what is bothering you. I was a victim of abuse for 12 years and I know when I came out of it, my thoughts and it seemed my brain was all scattered, but reflection (and counseling) helped me understand what had happened, find confidence in who I am and grow into the woman, wife and mother God made me to be. So trust me when I tell you that writing down your feelings and searching through the muck of emotions to find the why of what you are feeling is important. And if you need to, book yourself an appointment with a counselor who will work with you throughout your pregnancy.

Reflection is also a good way to encourage yourself. I love inspiring quotes, and sometimes I look to my journal for motivation. On the hard days of pregnancy, I went to my journal to re-read the joy and elation I had felt when I found out I was pregnant, and the pride my hubby had when he announced our pregnancy to his family. On the hard days I had to connect to that joy and reverence the miracle and remember that what was happening was good.

3. Research

After I found I was pregnant I went right to the internet to find midwives in my area. I had known from the time hubby and I had started talking about having children that I want to do a home birth. So the day after the pregnancy test I was doing the research, and I continued on that path for the entirety of my pregnancy and even to today. I’ve read books and books on natural birth, countless vlogs on home birth, water birth, hospital birth, induces birth… And I’ve read and continue to read articles on parenting and health.

Being a mom is a big deal and no matter how much you know, there is so much more to learn. Put time aside in your day to do your research as you go through each trimester. And don’t feel like its weird to already be watching birth videos; during pregnancy I binged on those, being careful to watch positive birth stories only so I had a positive expectation. Hey, and here’s a podcast for you Happy Homebirth if you are interested in listening to great home birth stories. That one was recommended to me by Hannah. If you don’t know who Hannah is, check out my why page.


Girl, follow the 3 R’s and you will be off to a good start. Oh, and breathe, just like it says to in the picture below.

 I am here for you and am happy for you! Comment below or DM me on Instagram and let me know what key things you have done or plan to do now that you know you are pregnant!

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