10 Positive Pregnancy Affirmations

I was and am BIG on affirmations. Your world is shaped by your words and now is the perfect time to strengthen your walk on this journey with the words you speak about yourself and your baby. 

Each affirmation is simple and straight forward. Feel free to take this list and affirm positive intentions in your life as you carry your child throughout your pregnancy!

1. I Am Well

Speak health and wholeness to your body. Even if you are not feeling 100%, your body will start responding to what you say about it. One of the first steps to overcoming a negative feeling is counteracting it with a positive one. Speaking wellness will encourage your body to feel good.

2. I reverence the wonder of this miracle

This is huge, especially when you are experiencing some of the challenges that may accompany your pregnancy such as fatigue, nausea or unpredictable emotions. Focusing on the wonder or the marvel of creation actually happening inside of you keeps your mind on the good. Always, always remember that pregnancy is a miracle. Being grateful and mindful of this will help you live in joy during your pregnancy.

3. my body has been created to carry life

Yes you can do this because your body has been created with the capacity to do this! Remind yourself and your body that what is happening is completely natural. You don’t need to worry, you can relax as the process unfolds.

4. I let Go of all stress

Did I say number 2 was huge? Well so is this one. Pregnancy is a great time to practice letting go of stress and building healthy limits. Make it a practice to reflect on relationships, conversations and situations as they arise if they are causing undue stress. You want your baby’s development to be in an environment that is peaceful, which gives you the complete right to chuck stress out the door.

5. I am not afraid

Fear has a voice and it loves to put the scariest scenarios on repeat in your mind. Get rid of it and don’t let it in at any point. I have soooo much to say about this and will do so in upcoming posts, but for right now I will say this; fear is a liar. God has made you strong, powerful and very capable of being a great mama and having a healthy baby from the start. Do not be afraid.

6. Good Things are happening in my body

Again, speak this confidently no matter how you are feeling. What is taking place inside of you is good. There is growth and learning and movement. This is a good thing and when you focus on your pregnancy being a blessing it will be easier to get through the challenging days.

7. I Am Beautiful

Sister, this is for your entire pregnancy and postpartum. You are beautiful. Your body will change and you may like what you see, you may not. I know for myself that I didn’t feel so beautiful during the last few weeks of pregnancy when I couldn’t fit into anything but jogging pants and my dad’s t-shirts.

I had to remember that the extra weight, and the penguin walk, and all of it was because of my precious child who I was soon to be holding. This is part of being a mom. So girl. you are beautiful in every stage. Don’t ever feel less-than or lose confidence in the vibrancy of your beauty, especially as a mother.

8. I am having a healthy pregnancy

Not only does this statement shape you world in that it encourages your body through this experience of pregnancy, but it also causes you to be reminded to make healthy choices for yourself and your baby.

9. I am filled with joy on this journey

Girl, speak joy every chance you get! Talk to yourself, share it with the people around you, share it with your baby. Joy is infectious and this world could use more of it. Looking at your pregnancy in a positive light will cause you to focus on the joys and less on the issues that fuel complaining.

10. I love my Baby

Or babies (depending on if you have had your first ultrasound already). There is nothing better than for your child to grow in a loving environment. Your child is connected to you and can feel. This may be the most important affirmation of all.

Comment below and let me know any affirmations that you feel should be added to the list! 

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