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13 Practical Ways to Create Space for Yourself During Pregnancy

When you find out your pregnant, everything changes. Life takes on a whole new meaning,  you are carrying another one inside your body. Regular situations take on a new weight as you realize that whatever is affecting you is affecting your baby. In this post I offer 13 practical ways to create space for yourself during pregnancy. I had to learn to use these during my own pregnancy to help keep me from feeling completely lost or overwhelmed (see more on this here). These practical tips helped me find balance.

The Power of Sunshine: How It Can Help You Enjoy Your Pregnancy

Sunshine is a natural mood booster. Don’t believe me? Check out how much easier it is to feel happy in sunny Summer days instead of gloomy Winter ones. Now that (my favourite season) is here, enjoy it! If you are living in a spot that is sunny all year round, take advantage of it. Creating space can mean stepping outside of the normal home environment and soaking up some sun.

How To Create Space

How to create space Ever feel like everything you have to do and all the expectations you are trying to live up to are closing in on you? Does it seem like everyone needs you at the same time? Are there are a thousand situations demanding your attention all at once? All of this tends to …

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Who’s Going to Cook For me???

Cravings are a very significant issue in the first trimester pregnancy and so is food aversion. A lot of mothers experience these symptoms and I have a solution. Have someone else cook for you! This can help with choosing healthy foods (as well as these tips) and getting over the odours that often come with cooking in the first trimester. Keep on reading for a list of a people who you can ask to cook for you during the first trimester of your pregnancy.

Top Reasons Why You Should Drink Smoothies While Pregnant

These mixed drinks are also great for you during your pregnancy. I turned to smoothies when drinking water became too boring. I also found that I could beat that weird pregnancy aftertaste when I drank smoothies. Anyways, I can go on and on about why you should drink smoothies while pregnant… Matter of fact, I will. Interested? Keep on reading.

The Benefits of Music During The First Trimester of Pregnancy

THE BENEFITS OF MUSIC DURING THE FIRST TRIMESTER OF PREGNANCY Hearing music can release a lot of emotions, some beneficial and some harmful. When used in a positive way, music can really help you through the tough days – especially during the first trimester of pregnancy. Keep reading to discover the benefits of music during …

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