why you need to stay hydrated

During the first trimester of pregnancy I underestimated the necessity of staying hydrated. I ended up in a walk-in clinic, complaining about regular dizziness and occasional moments where I blacked out. The doctor walked in and summed up the problem in a simple sentence. “You need to stay hydrated.” He said it with a smile, and then basically went on with his day.

Duh! I mentally kicked myself. How much water did I drink today anyway? After that visit (and I don’t like visiting walk-in clinics) I made a point of drinking water regularly. There are a lot of reasons why you need to stay hydrated especially during pregnancy. So, don’t skip this one. Keep on reading.

Water is Good For You

There’s nothing quite like water to quench your thirst. And, as much as people tend to gravitate towards sugary drinks, those are the fluids that will leave you dry. The average body is made up of about %60 water. Clearly there is no joke about your body’s need for H2O. When you are pregnant, that need increases.

Most of the medical community recommends that a pregnant woman drink at least 8-12 cups of water per day. Drinking lots of water helps with the following:


I just wanted to add that respecting your body’s natural flow is important. You will notice the dryness, fatigue and general lack of energy if you are not drinking enough water. Those symptoms become even more noticeable during pregnancy. Your body needs H2O to do what it needs to do in the perfect way that it has been designed to do it. Respect that process and honour all the hard work your body is doing by supplying it with what it needs; water.

But, I don't like water!

Okay, yes… the most common complaint. Water is tasteless. And during pregnancy tastebuds and hormones tend to go wacky. 

My solution: add the flavour that works for you. FLAVOUR, I said. NOT SUGAR. Check out some delicious mixes below:


Tip: You can crush or muddle your herb leaves before adding the water to infuse your drink with more flavour.

Need some more alternatives? Keep reading!

For the Love of Coconuts

OKAY! Yes, yes! I practically imagine living in Hawaii all the time AND I LOVE IT! Something I have learned from my love of the islands is the benefits of coconut water. And thank God that coconut water is beneficial during pregnancy as well!

There are lots of really cool nutritional advantages of drinking coconut water (which I will write in another post). But, for now, what you need to know is that coconut water is truly hydrating and is one of the richest sources of electrolytes.  Why are electrolytes important? They help balance the fluids in the body. This means that electrolytes determine the amount of water in your cells. When there is the proper ratio of electrolytes to water in your cells, your cells are hydrated.

Electrolytes also have electric impulses that stimulate nerve responses and muscle contractions. This stimulation helps key organs like your heart and your brain work properly. Yep. Pretty important. 


You’re going to want to try your best to give your body the support it needs to grow a healthy baby. And to give your baby the optimal environment it needs to develop well. So, when it comes to nutrition, start at the beginning. Start with water. Drink lots and stay golden!

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