Hearing music can release a lot of emotions, some beneficial and some harmful. When used in a positive way, music can really help you through the tough days – especially during the first trimester of pregnancy. Keep reading to discover the benefits of music during the first trimester of pregnancy.

Music brings a sense of Calm

Ever had a day where it seems like everything is designed to stress you out? During pregnancies, stressful days can take on a whole new level of intensity. It’s really helpful to bring yourself back into your happy place by listening to calming music. Tunes for meditation or nature sounds can help you avoid high blood pressure as you are putting in an effort to remain in a state of balance.

Sometimes you may need to put on those earphones and a take a mama mental break in another room away from your kiddos and even your partner. Sometimes, you may need to put on music during your lunch break and take a walk just to refocus yourself on your priorities for the day. 

Listening to calming music also helps you get better sleep, which is so important for the energy you need in the first trimester.

Take a breath. Put on some calm music. Enjoy the peace.

Music Strengthens and Motivates

That first trimester of pregnancy takes a lot of energy out of you. You will need all the motivation you can get. That’s why you’re here. That’s what I do. I love to motivate and strengthen mamas going through that first trimester. Music can also do that. I recommend that you create a “strong mama” playlist and put your favourite motivational songs and spoken word pieces on it. Glean the strength you need for your day from your music list.

By creating a motivational playlist, you will become more productive because you will be inspired to have the drive you need to get things done. Expectations from others are still very real during the first trimester of pregnancy. You are still expected to meet the goals at work. You are still expected to come home, cook dinner and be there for your partner. You are still expected to be a loving, compassionate mother to your other children. Listening to motivating songs helps you build your strength to take care of your priorities.

Need strength and motivation to complete a task today? Put on those earphones girl! Blast your jams and get it done.

Take a Peek at My List

I am a list-lover because I enjoy keeping things organized (you can read about that here). When my environment is organized I avoid feeling stressed

During pregnancy I created a motivational playlist as well as a birthing playlist on both Spotify and YouTube. I went to both those lists for calm and motivation many times and I still play them now. Take a look below and tell me what you think.


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