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As promised from my YouTube channel, I have added this post for 10 fearless pregnancy affirmations. I LOVE affirmations because they remind me of how strong and capable I am as a woman and as a mother. Speaking confidently to your body and your baby is so important, especially in the first trimester when you are starting fresh on that journey of motherhood and are preparing yourself for whatever challenges may come. Affirmations help to keep your mind focused on the good.

I Am Not Afraid of What Is To Come

Might as well start right here by tackling the fear of the unknown (if you are a first-time mom) or fear of the known (if this is not your first go-round). Either way, take your stand and don’t allow fear to feel welcomed into your pregnancy. Take in each moment in a joyful light and look forward to the moment when you will get to hold your child in your arms. I can tell you first hand that all those first trimester challenges will be well worth it.

I Am Not Afraid of The Report From My Healthcare Practitioner

This is a good one, because there is so much fear that can surround the midwife/OB visits. As always, I encourage you to do your research on the healthcare provider that is best for you. Also, do the research on what tests should be taken in comparison to which tests are not necessary. You are allowed the right to say no and refuse a test if you don’t feel comfortable with it, which leads us into the next affirmation…

I Am Not Afraid to Ask Questions

Have you come up with some information that you want to talk to your midwife/OB about? Then DO IT, girl! Don’t be afraid, and if you feel that there is a vibe of your concerns being ignored or disrespected, you can change your healthcare provider until you find one that you are comfortable with. Asking those questions really help in releasing tension concerning pregnancy or labor and delivery.

I Refuse To Take On Anyone Else's Fear

So many time we involuntarily take on someone else’s fear as our own, especially when they tell us their scary story. Mama, you do not have to accept anyone else’s fear. Right now, you need to focus on the miracle happening inside of your body and the beautiful life that is unfolding within you. And you do not need to be afraid because of what someone else says might happen.

I Bravely Face Each Day With Good Expectations

If you are having severe pregnancy symptoms, this statement may seem impossible right now, but I dare you to speak it (and pray it) anyways! Things will get better. Along with getting adequate rest, being choosy about your healthy meals (as healthy as possible) and giving yourself grace, greet each day with the expectation that things will get better.

Now, as a side note, I completely believe in the power of prayer. However, I would also advise to check in with your medical team if your symptoms are making it too hard to get through the basic routine of your day.

I Will Have A Fearless Birth

Yes! Feel free to shout this one from the rooftops. And let me weigh in here and say that a fearless birth does not mean a quiet birth. You can have a fear-free delivery and still be yelling or growling or whatever it takes to get that baby out. However, you do not have to go into labor feeling afraid, You are not the first woman to give birth to a baby and you won’t be the last. Go in there with that excitement that comes from knowing you are finally going to meet your child and relax; let your body do its thing, just like it was made to.

All is well with me and my baby

Now this is a courageous stance and a faith-filled affirmation, because at every ultrasound, every check of the heartbeat, every time you get measured there may be a reason to feel afraid and think or say the opposite. But I dare you not to give in to the fear or worry or doubt; speak wellness confidently and constantly over yourself and your child.

I Am Not Afraid of the First Trimester

Have you heard the term “first is the worst”? Well, it doesn’t have to be and you don’t have to be afraid of those first 14 weeks. Instead of living in fear of the symptoms you might face, why not enjoy each moment as a mom? Start right from the beginning speaking to your baby and praying for your child. Be sensitive to how they are experiencing the world from within you and know that the best is yet to come!

I will Advocate for Myself and My Baby

This ties in with affirmation numbers 2 and 3. There may come a time in your pregnancy where you have to advocate for yourself and for your baby. You don’t need to feel ashamed to do so. As a mother you have that innate intuition and if you feel that someone is pressuring you to go along with something you are not settled with, then don’t do it.

For example, my midwife had suggested that I take the glucose test during pregnancy. I did some research and was opposed to doing the test as I had no symptoms for her to assume that I was diabetic and my baby was measuring at a good rate in comparison to my size. I also did not want to be ingesting any substance with such a high sugar content (which in turn, my child would be ingesting) and questionable ingredients. So although I was asked to take this test twice, I refused and explained that there was no need and I was uncomfortable with the procedure. My midwife and I came to a mutual understanding, where she realized that I would be respectfully refusing some of the usual procedures, however if there was a concern, I would follow her suggestions.

I Am Not Afraid to believe for the best

Why shouldn’t you believe that things will go according to your best-case scenario? We are so conditioned to believe in the worst. This whole website is about counteracting that old negative thinking. Why can’t you believe that God wants the best for you and your child(ren)? He’s a loving God, and he loves you. Don’t you want the best for your children? Are you a better parent than God? (I don’t think so, lol). So trust him. And maybe this is the first time you’ve ever done this – – – expect the best.

I was told a bunch of different things when it came to what I should expect. But man, I didn’t care what anybody said. I knew I was going to have a great birth and I was determined to have a home birth at my parents house with my family around me. I was determined to do it all naturally. I locked in, as far as my mind was concerned and that was it for me. I just agreed with God, that the great birth experience he had planned for me is the one I wanted as well. And I got it!

But looking back now, I wish had the same determination to have a great pregnancy experience. Most days I was just trying to get by, counting down the weeks to the next trimester and wistfully putting away clothes that I used to fit into. I invite you to believe God for the best, the best pregnancy and the best birth experience. Because God who loves you wants very much to give you the best.

Love ya, girl! I hope these help you in this special season. Comment below and let me know which affirmation is your favourite!

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