Pregnancy initially seems to take a long time when you are in that season, however as soon as you have that baby and look back, it seems that those 9 months flew by. I’ve written this post for those long days of early pregnancy symptoms, or perhaps those long nights when sleep seems harder to come by. If at any of those times your mind wanders into fearful thoughts, there are some fun things you can do to keep your mind off of the fear.

Interested? Read on below… (these are not necessarily in order)

1. Watch a kick-butt movie

Heck yeah! If you’re into movies like I am, there’s just something powerful about watching your hero save the day; all of the sudden you feel invincible too! Wonder Woman is that kind of movie for me (I even did an Instagram post about this). I think you should feel brave always because you are treading the path of motherhood and that is to be applauded. So if ever you find yourself facing fears that are really messing with you, sometimes it helps to put on a good film and be inspired to live courageously.

2. Watch an Uplifting Birth Vlog

I say ‘uplifting’ here because not all birth vlogs are uplifting, some are just terrifying and the point here is to not be afraid. So search carefully and look for a birth that mimics the type of birth you want to have, or the birth plan you want to put in place. There are plenty of good videos out there and I for one am very grateful for all of the brave mamas who put this vulnerable moment on film and shared it with the world.

3. Read an Uplifting Birth Blog

There are a lot of really great birth stories out there of women in so many different situations who had positive birth experiences. I found this very helpful for myself and it gave me perspective on the healthcare in different countries and on the expectation placed on women depending on their location and health practitioner. If you want to know what birth can look like in a whole lot of different places, then checking out birth blogs is definitely for you. This also will help you think of how to best set up your environment for birth and how to create a successful birth plan.

4. Call A Friend

Or text a friend. For me this was my mom, or my sister-in-law, or my bestie. I reached out for people who were going to encourage me and support the pregnancy and birth that I wanted to have. They did not try to add more pressure or more fear, but instead they dissipated both of those feelings and made me feel competent to understand what was going on with my body and my baby. They also made me feel empowered. Natural birth was not impossible, it had been done before and it could be done again and I did not need to be afraid. We also laughed a lot, made jokes and talked about all the great things about pregnancy.

5. Shout Those Scriptures!

Yes, I said shout them! You’ll be surprised at how powerful you will feel when you shout those Bible verses because they will reinforce the victory you know you already have with Jesus on your side. And that fear will run because of your faith and the power that is in the word of God. 

If you are not a Believer, then shout those affirmations! Don’t be ashamed of it because that positive speaking is working for you and is helping to set your mind on the good, not the bad.

6. Listen to Fearless Songs

OMg! I pretty much live this (and not just when pregnant). Music is a huge motivator for me and is always a part of me building a certain atmosphere in my home. When you feel afraid Mama, pop in those earphones or Airpods and put up the volume on songs that are going to empower you.

Here’s a small list of songs I listened to during pregnancy and when preparing for birth:

You Make Me Brave – Amanda Cook

The Breakup Song – Francesca Battistelli

Nothing I Can’t Do – Tedashii

You Say – Lauren Daigle

Hero – Skillet

Y.C.H.M.B. – Aaron Cole

I Can Handle It – Steven Furtick


Alright you fearless mama, you! I hope this list helps you as you win that battle over fear during your pregnancy. Have any more fun things to add to the list? Comment and add it below, I’d love to hear from you!

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